16-17 May 2018, Moscow, Russia

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electrical mobiliti, products and services for electric transport and subway


Dear colleagues!

We invite you to join the exhibitors list and suggest various forms of participation - equipped booth, plain exhibition area to build an individual booth, open area infront of the pavilion for vehicles and rails technology, non-present participation, making a presentations at the conferences and workshops.

Participant Registration Fee is EUR 400. It is included publishing the information about the participating company in official catalog, on the web-site, participant badges, opening party invitation. Besides, tram and trolleybus manufacturers can publish photos and descriptions of the vehicles exposed.

A turnkey stand

The cost of turnkey booth is EUR 220 per 1m2. It includes: standard back and side walls, fascia panel with company name, carpeting, coat rack, wastebasket, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spot-lights, 1 socket (220VAC, 1.5KW), other equipment depending on stand size. General waste disposal, hall security is included. Minimal stand size is 4m2. Standard stand construction, additional equipment and services are to be ordered through the Organizers.

Unequipped area for your individual stand construction

You get a free space to build exclusive stand for EUR 200 / 1sqm. Standard construction design and materials are to be coordinated with Sokolniki fairground administration. Minimal stand size is 9m2.

Non-present participation

The option costs EUR 450 (Registration fee included). A non-present participant is requested to mail over the leaflets and catalogues to Organizers to hand them over from a non-present participation stand. Standard publication at the official catalogue is included.

Outdoor space for transport units

The option costs EUR 40 / 1m2, included space for placing your rolling stock in front of the pavilion.

Making a presentation in business program (holding a seminar)

The exhibition has huge business program. Call for paper deadline is 1 March 2017, by March 15 we will let you know date and time of your presentation. We ask you to submit topics of your presentation (topic of your own seminar - 1 hour or more) well in advance (e-mail: info@Electrotrans-expo.ru, tel. +7(495) 287-4412). 15 min. presentation is free for the exhibitors and EUR 400 for non-exhibitors. 1 hour separate seminar may be organized for EUR 500.

MAP GET and Metro international association members, public transport operators get 10% discount for exhibition space, last year participants get + 5% discount.

All payments are non-taxed with Russian VAT. Bank fees are charged to the Exhibitor.

Participant's documents:

Order deadlines:

Booth booking 10 March 2017
Booth standard design submission
20 March 2017
Green Light contest application 20 March 2017
Catalogue entry (texts and ads) 15 March 2017
Conference call for paper deadline 1 March 2017
List of the exhibiting staff 20 March 2017

Official support

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