16-17 May 2018, Moscow, Russia

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electrical mobiliti, products and services for electric transport and subway

Conference program

2017 Conference program:

  • MAP GET association conference on strategic development of electric transport in Russia
  • Conference "Transport and environment of the city. Ways of improving power efficiency of railways, metro, trams and trolleybus systems".
  • Press conference of rolling stock manufacturers
  • Seminar "The traffic control system for city rail transport. Devices and equipment for tram and metro applications"
  • Seminar for managers and specialists of public relations and media support "the Experience of the organization of modern communication and the development of passenger services." Organized with the support of Department on public relations of the Moscow metro
  • Seminar "Lighting for subways and passenger transport infrastructure", technical tour "Modern lighting design for transportation facilities" with visiting of the stations and crossings of Moscow metro. Organized with a support of lighting design school LiDS
  • Seminar "Modelling of traffic flows, planning route networks, intelligent systems of traffic management. Optimization of traffic lights to improve speed of movement of trams and other public transport"
  • Seminar "Modern technologies for railway infrastructure of urban rail transport"
  • "Passenger flow counting, fare collection and revenue management", seminar with a participation of the mobile operators. The event of the exhibition Electronica-Transport
  • Conference "Electronic components and modules for transport applictions". The event of the exhibition Electronica-Transport.
  • Technical tours to Moscow transport infrastructure

Conference program is free for exhibitors, public transport operators, municipal authorities. The registrantion is required.

Official support

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